Workers' Compensation Defense

With more than 100 years of cumulative legal experience, H&L has distinguished itself as Michigan’s premier workers’ compensation defense firm. Since its inception in 1981, H&L has litigated thousands of workers’ compensation cases, involving both routine and non-routine legal issues. H&L has skillfully and successfully defended its clients’ interests in matters involving numerous legal issues, including the following:

  • Employee v Independent Contractor
  • Dual Capacities
  • Retaliatory Discharge
  • Occupational Disease
  • Work Accidents
  • Wage Loss
  • Specific Loss
  • Intentional Torts
  • Dual Causation
  • Acts of God
  • Imported and Personal Risks
  • Horseplay & Misconduct
  • Travelling Employees
  • Appellate Commission Appeals

H&L recognizes that collaboration is essential for the efficient resolution of individual cases, as well as, for building sustaining relationships with our clients. To that end, we offer seminars and quarterly updates to keep our clients apprised of developments in the law. It is our belief that keeping clients apprised of the latest developments in the law is the best way to help our clients mitigate or avoid legal exposure.